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Aeronautics is the science, or action of designing an airplane or other flying machine.


In the Aeronautics unit, students will learn about the history and principals of flight. After learning about what makes an airplane fly, they will then construct their own rubber band powered glider. These gliders are usually constructed in three to five days and then are flown on the “Flight Day” at the end of the unit. Students are given prizes for the longest timed flight and the longest flight in one given direction. After constructing the gliders, each student gets to spend time on a computerized flight simulator, which puts them in the pilot’s seat so they can feel what it’s like to fly an airplane. Students will also construct a PowerPoint presentation covering all the information collected while completing the aeronautics unit.


The students will use reading material, vocabulary words, study questions, videos, hands-on activities, computers and computer hardware to complete this unit.

The Aeronautics unit will allow the student and opportunity to:

  • Learn about the history of flight and aviation
  • Use a computer generated word processor to type in information about aeronautics and flight.
  • Understand the concepts, principles, and physics of aeronautics and flight.
  • Use a computer generated flight simulator.
  • Construct a rubber band propelled airplane.
  • Complete a test flight of the completed model airplane.
  • Construct a PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint software and a computer.

Aeronautics Project

ACTIVITY 1: – Students will find the definitions to various vocabulary words and the answers to multiple choice questions dealing with aeronautics and flight, using their student notebook.


ACTIVITY 2 (Click here): - Students enter their answers to Activity #1 in the computer using Microsoft Word. The students will correctly save this information to the desktop of their computer.


ACTIVITY 3 (Click here): – Students will begin construction of their Delta Dart Rubber Band Powered Glider.




ACTIVITY #4 - ACTIVITY #7 (Click here): - Students will continue to construct their Delta Dart Rubber Band Powered Glider.




ACTIVITY 8: – Students will begin to use the flight simulator. They will become familiar with the controls of the airplane, will take-off and land an airplane.


ACTIVITY 9: – Students will use the flight simulator and attempt to land the airplane on a aircraft carrier and shoot down enemy planes.


ACTIVITY 10 (Click here): – Students will create a PowerPoint presentation covering many of the major aspects of aeronautics.


> Click here to see a student example of an Aeronautics PowerPoint <




(L to R: Brayan D., James M., Abel M., Joseph P.)

Flying the Gliders


Abel M.'s glider riding a wind current (You can see the plane between the tall trees)


James M's glider climbing straight up....that's what you want. (Best flight duration @ 14.5 seconds)



Jospeh P. built a different glider. It was much bigger and tougher to construct.


James M. releasing his glider.


Abel M's glider turning into the breeze.