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Atwater Senior Academy

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Cell Phones

Students are permitted to bring cell phones on school campus. While school is in session, cell phones must be put away (out of sight) and turned off. Putting a phone on silent does not constitute it being off. Students may not use cell phones while on campus. Any use of a cell phone to listen to music (ear buds will be confiscated if seen being worn), text, take pictures or other unauthorized use is not allowed. Students may use the school phone for emergency or other necessary calls (not during class time). Connecting to the school Wi-Fi through a personal device is strictly prohibited.

If a student is using a cell phone in violation of school policy the phone will:

  • First offense - student will be required to give their cell phone to the teacher as soon as the student enters the classroom at the start of the day.  The cell phone will then be returned to the student at the end of the school day (dismissal).  This will be required EVERY DAY that the student brings his/her phone to school for the remainder of their placement at ASA.
  • Second offense - student's phone will be confiscated and turned into the principal or vice-principal. The phone will only be returned to parents or guardians.
  • Third offense - student will NOT be allowed to bring a cell phone to school for the remaider of their placement at ASA.